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Tig Slide Rule Welding Preheat Calculator Stick Electrode Welding Guide
Tig Slide Rule
Price: $5.00
TIG welding can be confusing. What amperage and polarity to select, what size and type tungsten do I use, what gas flow rate, size filler rod, shielding cup size, and gas mixture do I use? What changes should I make when I weld on aluminum, stainless, nickel, magnesium, copper, or titanium? All of these answers and more are quick and easy with the TIG Slide Rule. Size is 7" x 9-1/4"
(for low hydrogen deposits) You must often preheat high carbon and alloy steels to weld them without cracking. Preheat slows the cooling rate to reduce hardening of the steel and to allow shrinkage stresses to be relieved. If you can determine the analysis of the steel, Lincoln s Preheat Calculator provides the answers quickly.
This booklet is filled with fundamental welding information and also specific procedural data. Everyone from the production welder to the vocational instructor or student can profit from it. The welding guide even supplies such information as the sources for codes and specifications, welding symbols and how to estimate costs. 4 for $6.25
GMAW Welding Guide
A comprehensive, easy to understand guide to MIG welding for students, instructors and professional welders. Thirty-five pages of inert gas welding information, including safety. An excellent guide for shop manuals or notebooks.

ISBN: 0-937390-11-9
ISBN13: 978-0-937390-11-5