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Division I

2016 - Region 2 Awards

Regional Gold Award

Project: Belt Grinder & Custom-Height Table
School: Tulia High School
Student: Justin Brown
Instructor: Garry Wilfong

Regional Silver Award

Project: Pellet Gun Gallery
School: Tulia High School
Student: Stephen Aldridge, Aaron Garza, Christian Rey
Instructor: Garry Wilfong

Project: Tailgate Bench
School: Dale Jackson Career Center
Student: Johnathan Murphy
Instructor: Marty Rice

Regional Bronze Award

Project: Torri Bell
School: Tulia High School
Student: Edgar Martinez
Instructor: Garry Wilfong

Project: Toy Hauler
School: Tulia High School
Student: Brayton Byrd
Instructor: Garry Wilfong

Project: RZR Roll Cage
School: Tulia High School
Student: Pake Adams, Hunter Owens
Instructor: Garry Wilfong


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