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Division I

2016 - Region 3 Awards

Regional Gold Award

Project: The Trailer Build
School: Burlington High School
Student: Daniel Andre Femeau
Instructor: Pat Pickford

Regional Silver Award

Project: Handicap Accessible Picnic Table
School: Milbank High School
Student: Caleb Seehafer, Zach Crmer, Joshua Fonder
Instructor: Jerry Janisch

Project: Horseshoe Boot Rack
School: Milbank High School
Student: Devin Stricherz
Instructor: Jerry Janisch

Regional Bronze Award

Project: Horseshoe Bench
School: Milbank High School
Student: Dalton Koch, Kyle Montage
Instructor: Jerry Janisch

Project: Roller-Crimper
School: Bon Homme High School
Student: Alex Caba, Ben Hajek, Noah Schenkel, Tim Hajek
Instructor: Mark Misar


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