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Welding Safety DVD Basic Electricity for Arc Welding Introduction To Inverter Technology
An interactive DVD consisting of 33 modules covering topics from personal protective equipment (PPE) to Electric Shock. The DVD is designed for welders of any experience level. For classroom or on the job site. (33 modules) Introduces the beginning welder to basic component parts and terminology of arc welding. Running Time: 9 minutes Inverters reflect the trend in industry for greater efficiency and higher quality welding machinery with inverters being designed to satisfy that demand. Running Time: 28 minutes
Introduction To Semiautomatic Wire Welding Learn To Weld - The Lincoln Way Welding - Making It Happen
Provides the fundamental expertise necessary to successfully apply both gas-shielded and flux-cored welding wire. Running Time: 41 minutes An excellent visual guide for shielded metal arc welding. This tape concentrates on the fundamental techniques of horizontal, vertical up, and overhead welding. Safety section and technical welding guides included. Running Time: 18 minutes An excellent video portraying how welding affects our daily lives. Great for teachers and career counselors with students, parents, and the general public. Produced by N.E.M.A. Running Time: 16 minutes