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Technical Papers for Advanced Welding Education

Featuring several award-winning papers from JFLF’s professional welding awards program and an archive of Welding Innovation articles, our collection of technical papers includes a wealth of information designed to enrich welding education and advance arc welding practices. Browse the topics below for welding engineering concepts, ideas for design professionals, fabrication methods and more.



Welding Innovation Archives

The mission of Welding Innovation is to advance safe, reliable, and cost-effective arc welding design and practice worldwide. Many of the articles are award winning papers from the Professional Awards Program.






Welding Innovation Vol. XVIII, No.2, 2001

Welding Innovation



Welding Innovation Vol. XVII, No.1, 2000

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • Alaskan Drill Rig Is World’s Largest Rubber Tire Vehicle
  • The Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle
  • "Pneumatic Dreamer" Sculpted of Bronze-and-Air
  • Lessons Learned in the Field:  Don't Assume Ductility is Inherent
  • Design File: Carefully Evaluate "Code Requirements"
  • Opportunities: Year 2001 Production Welding
  • Key Concepts: Selecting Filler Metals: Low Hydrogen
  • Opportunities: Year 2001 Design Programs
  • PSST!



Welding Innovation Vol. XVI, No.2, 1999

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • Common Mistakes Made in the Design of Aluminum Weldments
  • Opportunities: 2000 Professional Programs
  • Framed in Steel: Dwellings for the New Millennium
  • Key Concepts:  Selecting Filler Metals: Matching Strength Criteria
  • 1999 Awards for Engineering and Technology Students
  • Design File: Use Caution When Specifying Seal Welds
  • Challenging Stadium Project Headed for On-Time Completion



Welding Innovation Vol. XVI, No.1, 1999

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • Harmonization of European Welding Standards
  • Opportunities: 1999 Professional Programs
  • Key Concepts:  A Look at Heat Input
  • 1998 Awards for Engineering and Technology Students
  • Design File: Watch Out for “Nothin Welds”
  • Arc Works™ Seminar
  • A Steel Bridge Over the River Murray



Welding Innovation Vol. XV, No.2, 1998

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • Field Welding - Common Problems and Their Solutions
  • Bell Street Pier Wave Barrier
  • A City Embraces Its Swan
  • Design File: Consider Direction of Loading When Sizing Fillet Welds
  • Opportunities: 1999 Professional Design Programs
  • Key Concepts: Postweld Heat Treatment



Welding Innovation Vol. XV, No.1, 1998

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • 1997 Awards for College Engineering Students
  • Entry Form: 1998 Awards for College Engineering and Technology Students
  • Controlling Welding Fume: A Total Systems Approach
  • Mooring Buoy Seabed Anchor Pile
  • Steel Gateways for a Community Commercial District
  • Opportunities: $25,000 Top Award
  • 1998 Professional Programs
  • Key Concepts: The Importance of Interpass Temperature
  • Design File: Consider Penetration When Determining Fillet Weld Size



Welding Innovation Vol. XV, No.2, 1997

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • Weld repair of a Towing Basin Track
  • Heyington Bridge
  • Mentoring in the Engineering Profession
  • Design File: Thicker Steel Permits the Use of Opposing Arcs
  • Key Concepts: Fundamentals of Preheat
  • 1997 Professional Awards
  • 1997 Australasian Awards



Welding Innovation Vol. XV, No.1, 1997

Welding Innovation

  • Featuring...
  • Gas-Fired Annealing of a Nuclear Reactor
  • Mentoring in the Engineering Profession
  • Ensuring Weld Quality in Structural Application
  • Sixty Years of Welded Bridges in Hungary
  • Design File: Undermatching Weld Metal
  • 1996 College Awards



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